A richer life without alcohol and drugs

Queer & Sober is a platform for members of the queer community who are alcohol-free or are interested in an alcohol-free lifestyle. We organize events every month. Became curious? Then check our activities page.

Queer & Sober goes Amsterdam Pride

Queer & Sober goes Amsterdam Canal Pride 

We are incredibly proud that Queer & Sober has been selected for the Canal Parade of Pride Amsterdam. With our participation, we want to show that you can be queer and have a great party without alcohol and drugs.

We believe that there is no better place to demonstrate that you can party inclusively than during Amsterdam's most inclusive celebration, the Amsterdam Canal Pride.

To convey our message as effectively as possible and to ensure that we have a fantastic boat sailing with us, we need your help. By donating, we can ensure that everyone remembers the message "Sober is Sexy".

Our Activities


Sober Walk

A monthly walk in the Amsterdamse Bos.


Sober Bowling 

Because bals have to role

Sober Bowling


Sober Karaoke

Done with singing under the shower?

Sober Karaoke


Sober Cinema

Are you more in to scary movies, or are you more the romcom type?

Sober Cinema


Sober Comedy

Do you also like to laugh?

Sober Comedy


Sober Theater 

Do you love going to the theater, or creating theater?

Sober Theater

Bestuur Queer & Sober

A save envoirement for everyone!

Welcome to Queer & Sober! All three of us missed a place in the queer community where you can meet people without a lot of alcohol or drugs. In 2022, the three of us joined forces and founded the Queer & Sober Foundation together.

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