As a disclaimer, we have attached labels in the shape of rainbows to our events. This way you know which event suits you, and which event may not (yet) be suitable for you.

These labels are ment as a guideline, it always remains your own consideration and responsibility whether or not to participate in our events.

Do you have any questions or doubts? Please feel free to contact us.


What can you do if you dont drink? A lot! From bowling to karaoke, from hiking to theatre. At Queer & Sober you will find all kinds of events on the agenda.

Our Activities

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Sober Walk

Every first Sunday of the month* we take a walk of more than an hour, after which we all enjoy a cup of coffee. A great opportunity to get to know new people and catch up with old acquaintances. Do you have a dog? take it with you? Will we see you on Sunday?

* May vary, keep an eye on the agenda

Sober Karaoke

Need a drink to put yourself on stage? Not at Queer & Sober's karaoke. Sing your favorite hit or guilty pleasure. Every last Sunday of the month* we join the karaoke night of Queer Bar Prik in Amsterdam. Sign up below!

* May vary, keep an eye on the agenda

Sober Comedy

What's more fun than Comedy at Boom Chicago? Queer Comedy at Boom Chicago. Once a quarter* we attend the Queer Comedy night. Cozy with an alcohol-free drink and good company, we enjoy the best stand up comedy.

* May vary, keep an eye on the agenda

* May vary, keep an eye on the agenda

Sober Bowling

Want to come and throw strikes with us? Four times a few years* we rent two courts at Aloha in Amsterdam. Will you be our bowling champion?

Sober Cinema

Nothing better than watching a movie in the dark with a large bowl of popcorn. Curious which queer movie we're going to see next? Check the calendar for the latest updates.

Sober Theater

Zin in een goed toneelstuk? Ga met Queer & Sober het theater in! Keep an eye on the agenda for the next event.

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