Sober = Sexy

Many queer and sober people in Amsterdam have missed a sober space during Pride in recent years. This is why Queer & Sober was founded.

We are creating a space within Pride where anyone can be queer and sober - and have a lot of fun. We don't need alcohol or drugs to celebrate who we are, because in the end: Sober is Sexy.

There is no better place to celebrate this than during the most famous event of Pride Amsterdam; the Canal Parade!

Come sail with us!

Step aboard our mega-boat and celebrate the inclusive vibe of Pride without alcohol!

We believe that partying is all about the great atmosphere, music, and people around you - not the drinks you're sipping.

Our boat is the place to be with the coolest entertainment and the best music, so you can party and dance non-stop.

Will you support us?

To get our message across in the best way possible we need your help.  

With your donation, we can ensure everyone remembers the "Sober is Sexy" boat at the Canal Parade.

Your donation will also make it possible for people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it to participate. 

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