Mission & Vision

The mission of Queer & Sober is to provide a platform to bring together members of the Queer community who live without alcohol and/or are interested in an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Alcohol and drug abuse is 2 to 3 times more common in the queer community compared to the straight community. That is why our vision with the Queer & Sober Foundation is to create a place where you can be queer and yourself without having to use alcohol or drugs.

Jeroen van Zanten


Sjoerd Dreteler





By Queer we mean anyone who does not identify as heterosexual and/or cannot identify with traditional gender roles.

By Sober we mean alcohol-free in the broadest sense of the word. At Queer & Sober it doesn't matter why you don't drink. Anyone who is queer and alcohol-free, or who is queer and interested in a (partly) alcohol-free lifestyle, is welcome. It is important that all our events are alcohol and drug free.

Jeroen van Zanten

Hi! My name is Jeroen (He/Him) and I am chairman of the Q&S Club. I am 35 years old and live in Amsterdam. After my weekends got more and more out of hand and I lost myself in the party scene, I decided to stop drinking over 4 years ago. I have been helping gay men for some time now who want to stop drinking and really want to be themselves through self-confidence. During the conversations it emerged that many people in the queer community who were alcohol-free were missing out. During Pride in 2022, the idea to set up Queer & Sober arose and a few months later Queer & Sober became a reality together with Sjoerd.

Greetings Jeroen, Sober coach, jeroen@queerandsober.org

Sjoerd Dreteler

My name is Sjoerd (He/Him) and I am treasurer within the Q&S Club. That means I keep an eye on the finances. I like to contribute to the foundation because I think it is very important that people have a place to connect without feeling pressure to use resources. I personally strive for an alcohol-free life. For me, though, this is a process. A year ago I drank alcohol almost every day, and my entire social life revolved around alcohol. Over the past year I have changed that, now I only drink on very special occasions (and no, a date is not special enough...). I'm really looking forward to expanding my network and making new friends with people who don't drink. If you want to organize an event but are not sure if financing is available, please feel free to contact me!

Greetings Sjoerd, Psychologist, sjoerd@queerandsober.org